Curing a Woman’s Lack of Sexual Desire Naturally With Proven Herbs

Many women at some point in their life suffer from low sexual desire but sexual desire can be rejuvenated naturally with a combination of natural herbs which combat both the physical and mental problems that cause low libido…

Before we look at the herbs to cure lack of sexual desire lets look at the causes.

Low Nitric Oxide Levels & Poor Blood Circulation
Nitric oxide is a chemical realized by the body which plays an important role in dilating the blood vessels and allows strong blood flow to occur and increase sexual arousal and satisfaction. Blood flow is critical to sexual desire – think about what happens when you become aroused – your heart races and pumps blood to the sexual organs where nitric oxide realize lets it in.

Low Estrogen Levels
Estrogen plays a key role in women’s sexuality. Low estrogen levels are associated with lack of desire, arousal, and issues that may cause intercourse to be painful.

Low Levels of Testosterone
Though testosterone is seen as a male hormone, it is also vital for women and too little will result in a diminished sex drive.

Mood and Spirit
Mental stress, Fatigue and anxiety all diminish sexual desire. It’s vital that the mind is properly nourished and receives well oxygenated blood, and has correct hormonal balance.

So what herbs can help?

Let’s look at a combination which can help combat all the above problems and put you in the mood for sex.

Avena Sativa
Avena Sativa relaxes the body, while at the same time, enhances sensitivity in the vagina region.

Ginkgo Biloba
This well known herb acts as a brain tonic and is used to treat a variety of neurological and circulatory problems. Ginkgo combats mental fatigue and reduced energy levels and plays a key role in blood improving blood circulation. It increases metabolism efficiency, regulates neurotransmitters, and boosts oxygen levels in the brain which accounts for around 20% of total body usage.

Damiana Extract
Damiana is renowned for its sexual-enhancing qualities and positive effects on the sexual organs. Damiana reduces stress and relaxes the body and mind giving the user a feeling of mild euphoria. It helps to relieve anxiety, depression, and headaches during menstruation. Finally it helps to balance female hormone levels. sexy dress ideas

Satavri Extract
Shatavri strengthens muscle tone, moistens dry tissues of the female sexual organs, kidneys, stomach and lungs, and increases overall body strength and helps increase levels of testosterone naturally.

Ashwagandha – Extract “Indian Ginseng”
Ashwagandha is a fantastic tonic herb which energizes and rejuvenates the body. It helps minimize the effects of stress, enhances deep vitality, and promotes sexual and reproductive balance.

Choraka (Dong Quai)
Dong Quai root is seen as the “women’s herb for health” and its reputation is richly deserved. It has numerous benefits and we have covered this herb in separate articles but to summarise:

It is used to balance female hormone levels, combat PMS and is a great blood tonic and cirulatory herb. Its numerous nutrients combine, to improve mood, combat fatigue and enhance energy levels.

Get All The Above Herbs For Enhanced Wellness

A women’s sexual desire is affected by a number of physical and mental inputs and the above combination of herbs will help alleviate these problems and not only increase female sexual wellness but improve overall health at the same time.


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