Refitting Range Hoods When Remodeling

If you are looking to renovate your kitchen and remodel its old style, one of the obstacles you may come across is how to refit your new kitchen range hood into your old kitchen.

The problem is largest in an old house that may not have any type of exhaust system in the kitchen let alone a modern range hood. Many years ago, range hoods were not common so in an older home you may have more work to renovate. range hood ideas

It’s safest to just pull out whatever old system exists and install your modern appliance and range hood. You’ll need to know where you want your new range to go in your kitchen. If you have ample space then you may want an island range in which case you’ll need to consider the different island range hoods available. The most popular of types for an island are stand alone hoods that are stylish and functional.

If there is already a cabinet above where you want your range to be located then your solution is to either have a carpenter shorten the cabinet or replace it with a shorter cabinet that will give more breathing space to the range underneath it. Wiring is a consideration as well. A ductless range hood would require that you shorten the cabinet and do the required wiring before you install your range. Ducted kitchen range hoods are different and require an opening in the cabinet’s bottom to accommodate the ducting. Another hole will be needed for the exhaust.


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