How to Best Take Care of Your 1-2 Year Old Toddler

Parenthood is an experience that allows you to grow as you ensure that your child’s development is taken care of. The little one is fully dependent on you to provide for her needs and protect her as she adapts to the environment around her. It is therefore important that you are well equipped for this role. There are numerous resources that provide information on how to take care of babies at 1-2 years old. As a good parent, you should avail yourself to these resources as you seek to sharpen your skills.

Mealtime is very important for your baby, and it is imperative that they get the right amount of food if they are to develop in a healthy manner. After her first birthday, your toddler should begin moving towards eating the same food that the rest of the family is having. This is in addition to the calories that she is getting form breast milk or formula, which should constitute at least half of her meal. Regular table food is important as it helps to balance out her diet. At this time, her appetite will most likely decrease, and she will add weight at a decreased age. You should also watch out for allergic reactions as you introduce new foods to your baby’s diet. หาคนดูแล

When your baby starts teething, she will likely lose interest in food, and her appetite will decrease further. At this stage, it is important that you find the right balance between feeding her when she is hungry and allowing her to pick at food when she is not. Although you should not force food on her, you should ensure that she gets healthy snacks between meals and breastfeed as often as she likes to make up for her nutrition needs.

One of the most important things that parents should pay attention to as they take care of babies 1-2 years is sleeping time. A toddler develops more when they are asleep than when they are awake, and it is recommended that you ensure that your baby gets about 10 to 13 hours of sleep every day. You should also ensure that you put your baby to sleep routinely, at a specific time each day. This way, your child will be able to adjust to these hours and with time she will fall asleep with a lot more ease, even if she usually has trouble falling asleep earlier on.

Taking care of babies at 1-2 years also means that you get to observe their physical development. This is the time when your child will begin to crawl and even stand on their own, push, pull and dump things and also hold objects in their hands. At this point, you can also expect that they will begin to say their first words, and talking to your baby normally will allow them to understand more. Ultimately, with the right skills, taking care of your toddler should be an enjoyable experience both for you and your little one.

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