GHD – Is it a Billion Dollar Global Fashion Brand?

The rise and upward thrust of GHD is turning into an ever extra amazing tale. Despite being ultimately a one-product company (the enduring ghd hair straightener, albeit it in diverse sizes and colours), and regardless of (or perhaps due to) being headquartered in deeply unfashionable Silsdon in Yorkshire, UK, GHD seems to get as many mentions inside the style press as a certain Mrs Beckham.

Monique Lhullier, Miss Sixty and many others featured GHD as their haircare accomplice at their latest Fashion Week shows, with wavy, sea-stimulated styles that confirmed off the flexibility of the ghd iv styler.

Perhaps even extra importantly the GHD advertising and PR device that become so powerful in dominating the UK marketplace for GHD, is now absolutely up and running on a worldwide foundation with the well-known purple GHD advertising now performing throughout the globe (with a worldwide community of breast most cancers charities benefiting). Other campaigns just like the GHD Pure / GHD Dark promoting additionally loved global advertising click for more

further example of the way GHD is turning into a genuine global style emblem is the unwelcome arrival of massive-scale counterfeiting of GHD products. Indeed, primary UK-based totally discount splendor and cosmetics chain, Superdrug, recently admitted presenting its customers with counterfeit GHD hair straighteners, albeit by accident [Source: BBC News Website, Friday, 19 September 2008]. This might recommend that GHD counterfeiting is now especially organised and really expert (as it’s miles with designer perfumes and comfort fashion accessories). Of direction, no-one at GHD will be glad with fake GHD products being sold, however it does bracket the agency in some pretty special employer (Gucci, Prada, and so forth).

It might appear that GHD have realised from the start that building a fashion brand isn’t solely about income figures. Turnover, although important, ought to be conducive to brand building. For that motive, GHD have a well-known popularity for refusing to deliver to excessive avenue names – culminating in rejecting likes of Boots when GHD themselves had been only some years antique. Although this coverage has been comfy slightly in latest years (with Boots and Amazon starting to promote immediately furnished GHD hair straighteners inside the final 12 months), it helped create the exclusivity and appeal that any emblem wishes if it is to turn out to be a huge asset in its own proper.

Which brings us to the problem of ways much GHD might in the long run be really worth. When the maximum recent control buy-out happened ultimate 12 months (simply earlier than the global credit markets seized up), the valuation was around $288 million ($160m). One of the reasons given for injecting capital a that level into the enterprise turned into to assist it strike out around the world to reinforce its presence and sales from america, Europe and Australasia. Achieving this, specially within the US, where it was previously an underground cult emblem, will truly see the valuation of the GHD brand soar.

Of course, now isn’t always the time to get over excited with valuing privately-held companies, but as soon as the markets have back to normality in 2010 or thereabouts, and supplied that GHD has controlled to retain to construct its presence globally, then there may be no motive why the humans of Yorkshire might not be celebrating the presence of one billion dollar fashion emblem just up t’street.

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