Creating Children’s Rooms

Moms and dads, as well as, grandparents often wonder what they can do with their children that let’s them bond more and have fun with their kids in the process. We have found one of the most fun and engaging projects for parents, grandparents, kids, and grand kids to do together is decorating the children’s room.

When it is time to leave the baby room behind, (Or, whatever transition preschool or preteen) let your child know that it’s time to create a new space and that you want their help in doing so.

Gone are the old stereotypes of the color blue is for boys and the color pink is for girls. Using the internet with a little planning can create the look and feel you want; however, don’t do this alone. Involving your kids from the beginning is a good thing. By the time your kids are three to five years old they have clear preferences and opinions on how they would like their own personal space to be. By bringing your children’s preferences to the forefront and involving them from the beginning in planning, shopping, and the completion; you have helped them develop real life skills and have created a close bonding experience for you both.

You will find the number of options in furniture, decorative accessories, wall murals, and themes are almost limitless. However, you can be sure your child has a fairly limited number of real preferences and from those preferences you can both work out the best approach. MÃ¥larbilder djur

Involving your child has some clear practical issues. Clearly if he or she doesn’t really like their room, they will tend to spend less time there and not invite their friends over to play or a sleep over.

From a practical and safety point of view, the furniture and accessories you buy should be appropriate for your child. When you involve them from the beginning and bring them along when you shop you can see if the items you are considering are right for your child. Can they easily reach the shelves and drawers? Sit safely and comfortably in the chairs, sofa, or desk? If the items are too big and the toys are out of reach, they will find a way to get to them and it may not be very safe or you will be constantly moving their playthings around as their minds quickly move from one toy to the next.

You also need to make sure you allow plenty of safely accessible storage. Just like adults, children collect things over the years and need more and more space as they accumulate things.

Once you have the basic theme and furniture, you will need to consider the decorative accessories that will bring the room all together. Whatever theme you have decided on, there are almost unlimited options to enhance the basic room. We believe that wall art is a simple and relatively inexpensive and positive mood creator. Whether a boy leans toward cars, trucks, boats, or sports; and, a girl leans towards flowers, dolls, cuddly animals, ballerinas etc., there are a wide range of options to fit any budget from posters, art prints, framed art, and canvas. Again, involve your kids in the selection process and let them scan the internet and shop with you.


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