Educational DS Games – Which One is Right For Your Child?

There are numerous instructive games for the Nintendo DS. From subject-explicit games to across the board summed up educators, from IQ-testing to scarcely instructive, Nintendo’s inventory of instructive DS games is a rambling rundown. How does a parent get a handle on a particularly wide assortment? How could a parent pick a learning game to meet a youngster’s requirements? Visit :- สูตรบาคาร่า


All things considered, we’re here to help. 


First of all with instructive DS games: 


Who’s it for? 


Some instructive DS games are made for the more youthful group, second grade and under. Some are focused on the center school set. However more, ordinarily made for the high schoolers or even college level group, can scarcely be called games in the customary sense.


Choose which of your gifted, cheerful kids will be the recipient of your instructive DS game buy. On the off chance that he’s a youthful buck, you’ll need to move towards the more bright, simple learning games. These games frequently have celebrated characters like Spongebob or Mickey Mouse spread all around the cases – a definite fire approach to assist the more youthful group with drawing in the instructive game.


The center group is regularly the most hard for which to purchase a learning game. They’re keen – there’s no deceiving them with animation characters. Certainly, they’ve played computer games previously, so the uncovered certainty of being given a Nintendo DS will not be sufficient for them to be happy with playing some dorky instructive DS game. Except if you’re honored with a kid who “takes” to learning like each parent dreams, the stunt with the upper-grade school level and center school kids is to locate a game that is engaging enough for the youngster to look past the way that he’s learning.


At last, with the more established group – there’s no stunt. They’ll probably get their own instructive DS games, or know to ask you for a particular game, making the entire hunt a lot simpler for you. With them, it’s regularly superfluous to veil the learning as “edutainment,” so “game”- producers center around pressing in however much learning material as could be expected. There are, obviously, special cases.

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Cooking Games for Girls

Cooking games for young ladies used to be banality yet now with the ascent of cooking computer games and convenient portable games for cooking that go about as independent cooking classes they are ascending in fame. At the point when you say cooking games for young ladies and for young men its not simply the plastic Fisher Price games that rejuvenate the universe of pretend. Nintendo DS is a mainstream stage for cooking computer games for youngsters and furthermore grown-ups as it strolls you through preparing various sorts of suppers. This article will walk you through the various kinds of games for young ladies, young men and grown-ups. The article will circle back to the advantages of utilizing the various games in your childs play time just as advantages of grown-ups utilizing the cooking computer games. Its a good time for the entire family. Visit :- สูตรบาคาร่า


The principal specialty of cooking games is the exemplary pretend games. By and large these games are generalization as cooking games for young ladies yet as the way of life develops games including cooking ought to be remembered for any sexes toy assortment. Cooking games made by Fisher Price or Smart Gear were top on the rundown years back when you looked through on the web. Presently you need to look over a couple of pages to discover quality cooking games for young ladies and young men produced using excellent plastics intended to last an adolescence or two. The advantages of these sorts games are equivalent to you get from sending your kid to soccer or youth football. They take into consideration the innovative piece of the mind to create and assist with social abilities. A couple of the youngsters utilizing cooking games will end up being the following Chef Ramsey. So be certain that you incorporate cooking games for young ladies and young men of the pretend assortment in your home.


As of later the top looks for just “cooking games” returns Cooking Mama, Cooking Dash, in any event, Cooking Mama 2 and Cooking Mama 3. What are these titles you inquire? Computer games obviously. The times of playing outside or playing house and pretend are diminishing tragically taken over by the hand-held graphical games. Nintendo appears to have cornered the market on games about cooking and even pulls in the grown-up crown with “Fitness coach: Cooking”. This isn’t all awful in spite of the fact that pretend toys referenced better than as “Savvy Gear Cooking Center” give creative mind through play the computer game variant can bring the truth of flour in addition to water and sugar rises to batter without annihilating your kitchen.


Even better grown-ups can figure out how to cook in the solace of their home while utilizing their children Nintendo DS. Fitness coach: Cooking will make them convey mouth watering food to your families table in a matter of seconds. So despite the fact that cooking games for young ladies and young men convey long periods of animating play for them; these computer games can be similarly as engaging for grown-ups. Young ladies cooking games normally come in pink, yet as of late you will consider blue to be a famous tone for these toys taking note of the move in sex job affiliation.


On the off chance that your kid shows interest in these games urge them to take cooking classes for kids. Your nearby public venue frequently will have cooking classes that you can take with your kids. If not make certain to remember them for heating exercises you participate in. Regardless of whether you are not an especially incredible cook your youngsters will value the time you give them. Be arranged and don’t get distraught there will be a wreck made. Make the cleanup similarly as fun as the cooking. It is critical to bring up your youngsters with an appreciation for cooking and preparing particularly as families lose the plunk down family supper and cafés are all the more frequently the default over home cooking.

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Who Are Game Testers?

There are a few group who totally love playing computer games. Normally, the ideal occupation for this individual would be computer game testing. While it is fun work, it is likewise a genuine work. Game analyzers are liable for testing through all the means while it is as yet in the advancement stage. Since it could be brimming with bugs, it is fundamental for a game analyzer to have tolerance.


Game analyzers should be coordinated and trained in light of the fact that they need to follow severe methodology. This work isn’t just about creating the most elevated score, yet rather following an exact game-plan to decide whether the game is working as expected. An eye for detail is an unquestionable requirement in this situation, similar to a quick comprehension of game programming and game plan, so that any blemish found can be recorded and fixed before the completed item is shipped off market. Visit :- สูตรบาคาร่า


Computer game testing is not kidding business. All analyzers should have a working information on PC equipment and programming. What’s more, great relational abilities are required so the individual in question can take note of the imperfections in the game and assess/impart its general exhibition to creators. Thusly, analyzers must gangs incredible eye-hand coordination and viable relational abilities.


Bringing another computer game into the commercial center is tedious and costly. Journalists make the game’s characters, and artists give them life. Code developers make the world the characters will work in. Commonly, game analyzers are acquainted with the game right off the bat in the advancement cycle to help iron out blemishes en route. Game analyzers are approached regularly during the advancement stage to test the game at specific stretches and guarantee quality.


Computer game designers pay attention to the testing cycle. Should a defective game be shipped off store racks it can cost the maker as far as both lost income and a discolored notoriety. Bad-to-the-bone computer game fans need their games to work impeccably. Lose the gamers trust, and the game organization hazards losing piece of the pie. Indeed, testing is not kidding business, and the most dire outcome imaginable is reviewing a damaged game from store racks.


Game analyzers are issue locaters. Some game analyzers just test the product, while others test for equipment similarity and expected issues. Tedious testing is applied to ensure issues don’t manifest. On the off chance that issues do emerge, it may just occur in specific circumstances, and the analyzer is liable for finding and noticing the imperfection. Equipment tests may be actualized to the regulator to perceive how the game performs under weighty use.


Numerous aficionados may believe being an analyzer is tied in with playing. Some testing can be humble; for instance, a passage level analyzer might be needed to kill the reassure on and many occasions. Another analyzer may be approached to download films while playing, just to perceive how the framework reacts.


Nonetheless, on the off chance that you are a person that appreciates contraptions and dreary detail, maybe the profession of computer game analyzer is the work for you. You will have an inside glance at how computer games are tried for market, and moreover, you will understand what computer games are coming out before they are really delivered.

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Lotto Systems: A Different Way to Win the Lotto

During these occasions, there are many people who have attempted their karma in lottery plays in the desire for acquiring the big stake prize. However still the involved methodologies for breaking down the planned and not-so-likely number examples for it have become a thing of a past. These customary methods are moreover tiring undertakings to complete for only one individual. That is the reason it’s just correct that they clear a way for the other better approaches to acquire in the lottery without making a decent attempt on figuring the accompanying number mixes without help from anyone else. Introducing… the lotto frameworks program. Visit :- บาคาร่าออนไลน์


Utilizing this, you won’t have an issue assessing such numbers, as it furnishes you with moment lottery recurrence. This shows that the device would perceive which of the picked numbers are past due, cold and hot.


The first methodologies that tell you the best way to win the sweepstakes, which you’ll discover are considered as the most valuable, really need extra time, particularly on the investigating part of the cycle. In addition to the fact that you would burn-through a great deal of time performing calculation, you will in like manner exhaust your endeavors on a thing that in purpose of actuality won’t give you that much increase. On the off chance that you have seen that your time and energy in figuring these numbers are inordinate and still you get hardly anything in return, why consistently depend on such strategies on the off chance that you can have lottery answers for help you? For what reason would you use something that goes through essentially the entirety of your energy particularly if there is a less muddled strategy for social affair numbers which can win you almost a great many?


The best lotto program works by basically forming lotto numbers that are probably going to show up in the draws. It finishes the appraisal and dropping of numbers to suit your requirements, and it additionally just necessities you to click a couple of catches to guarantee that you will actually want to get the numbers that can maybe win large in the impending draws; the lotto recurrence; the examples that have showed up in the previous draws; just as the least and the most famous numbers. Presently, you can start forming your future. The one thing left for you to do is conform to the lotto program’s endorsed examples and play them, and trust that your numbers get chosen.


There are various betting stages you can discover accessible on the internet. To see whether it is respectable or not, simply be certain you are putting resources into one that has been verified. Select one of those frameworks that is being embraced by professionals who have just been in the business for a significant time. The absolute best sort of uber millions betting programming bundle isn’t the one that is the most costly. For simply a part of the expense, you can gain admittance to likely the most solid winning number mixes, and be more extravagant every day. Since you are burning through lesser energy and time whenever you take a risk on the sweepstakes, you would then be able to invest additional time focusing on the draws accordingly. Furthermore, you should purchase additional passes to build your potential outcomes of succeeding. Best of luck

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Watch Movies Online, Get Shut Down

If you want to watch movies online, you face new challenges now that the Obama regime has seized the private property of seven American and international Internet sites.

The wonders of technology have provided Internet users the ability to watch movies online, giving them the opportunity to enjoy some entertainment if they are unable to get out to the theater or if they do not have the money to buy a ticket.

At issue is the fact that people who watch movies online movie downloads often are violating American intellectual property laws that were established at the behest of Hollywood lobbyists to preserve the interests of the ultra-wealthy. These measures have support at all levels of government.

In a recent speech on the issue of full movie downloads, Vice President Joe Biden declared that movie piracy is the same as breaking a store window at Tiffany’s and removing the contents. Of course, people know that this is not true: if you removed items from a store without paying, you have cut off the ability of the store to earn money from it. If you watch movies online, the motion picture interests continue earning revenue through sales of movie tickets and media. Still, the ultra wealthy in America determine public policy, so all the movie downloads must stop.

Entertainment lobbyists provide estimates that the industry loses $26 billion per year through piracy, although they refuse independent auditors the chance to corroborate their claims. Indeed, the industry claim assumes that for every movie download they have lost the opportunity to sell a ticked or a DVD. In the real world, however, many – if not most – people who watch TV shows and movies online either would not or could not purchase the legitimate right to view them. Streaming Gratuit

To underscore the speech made by the Vice President, authorities from the Obama regime confiscated the following Web sites:,,,,, and Visitors to these sites are greeted by a message saying:


This domain name has been seized by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Special Agent in Charge New York Office in accordance with a seizure warrant obtained by the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York and issued pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 981 and 2323 by the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York.

As the ways to watch movies online get shut down by the federal government, those who like to watch movies online should probably reconsider their practices because they technically could be charged with a felony for violating intellectual property rights and forced to pay fines and restitution.


Operators of Web sites that allow visitors to watch movies online should probably take note of the recent government action: the government is able to seize any domain it sees fit, even if it is owned by other national interests. If you want to keep your Web site up, you might want to stop offering online movie downloads.


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The Recycled Office Furniture Industry – Slowly Gaining Popularity

Purchase of recycled office furniture has become a big trend today, not only to small or medium office but also to home offices holds that prefer low cost but still usable office fixtures. Used office furniture can give you a 30% to 50% savings as compared to buying new office furniture. Aside from being pocket friendly, tons and tons of office furniture are being thrown into dump sites and most of these are non-biodegradable which contributes to environmental damage. Hence, it is a desirable practice to buy and sell used office furniture rather than throw away these things and cause hazards to the environment.

Much of the recycled furniture is also something that interests schools and charities, Office Furniture 4 Schools and Charities is a way for recycled office furniture to be made available to registered schools and charities at greatly discounted prices.

With the vast promotion for everyone to be aware of the dangers the environment is facing today, a new industry is slowly becoming popular and that is the recycled office furniture industry which roughly account for 8.82% from the overall commercial office furniture market. Office furniture depreciates up to 25% after 5 years, by recycling or reconditioning these furniture items, it can appreciate up to 75% from the depreciated value. Is it or is it not a good business to engage in?

But what does recycled furniture means? In this industry, this would mean old office furniture that are refurbished or reconditioned to appear and look new, modern and trendy but still maintaining quality standards. Other terms used to refer to recycled items such as office furniture are repainted, cleaned, used, repaired, newly upholstered, updated and refurbished. These all means one thing, recycled office furniture. These office furniture were recreated to look as if it were new to restore its conditions back into the original. Usually, when being sold, these recycled items are an “as is”, or a “what you see is what you get” conditions. Reconditioned office furniture that are available in the market today include cubicles, cabinets, task seating, reception desk and reception chairs, mail office furniture and many others. Salvation Army Pickup

There’s a lot of local as well as online refurbished or recycled office furniture dealers can be found today if you are looking to purchase recycled office furniture. As said, recycled furniture has now become a growing market in the furniture industry and because of the savings it can give you and the positive contribution it can do to the environment, there is a growing demand of these recycled office furniture in the market today. The recycled furniture industry gave an option to everyone. For those who can afford and like to buy matching, sizeable volume of furniture, direct manufacturers or sellers are ideal to approach new or made to order items but for those who are flexible in color, design and are not really ready to pay a high price for an office furniture, recycled office furniture is a good option.

Well, because of today’s economic conditions, bottom line in every purchase whether an office furniture or not is that you can avail of a reasonable price. Promos, bargains and discounts are welcome opportunities for all of us to maximize that hard earned cash. Also, in search for a reasonable price, always remember that it should not sacrifice quality of the office furniture. One way to ensure that there is still quality, you may look for experienced manufacturers, shops or sellers who are operating for some time in the market. Online recycled furniture stores and shops may have a review section in the web site. Aside from checking the designs and the available recycled furniture for sale you can also check these reviews from previous customers if any and somehow get a glimpse at their customer service and other positive factors such as warranty and repairs.



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How to Buy Furniture: A Furniture Website or a Showroom?

Knowing how to buy furniture properly can save you a lot of money and heartbreak. You should never use a furniture website to buy furniture. You have no idea what you are buying other than the photograph and description. You cannot tell the real color, the real dimensions and certainly not the real quality from a photograph and a description!

Here are some of the problems you will face if you make your choice and purchase from a furniture website. That is no way to buy furniture and here is why:

The Color

These problems are being presented in no particular order, since each person’s priorities are different. Color is mentioned first because many have the false impression that color can be accurately depicted online.

Here’s news for you. View Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ on four different screens, let alone four different computers, and you will see four different shades of yellow! The same applies to the furniture you will find on a furniture website.

The only way to be sure that the furniture you are buying is the shade you want is to visit the showroom. If they do not have your shade option in stock, then ask them to get it in or you won’t buy it. The shade of upholstery can be very important, and cherry wood can look brown online. Both the fabric and the wood can appear different between the showroom and online shades.

The Construction

All sofas and chairs of the same style look the same online. You cannot tell if it has been hand-crafted using traditional joinery and carpentry joints. You do not know if the frame has been fashioned using strong mortise and tenon joints that use the strength of the wood, or if it has been simply screwed and glued. Only one of these will fall apart when the screws corrode and the glue softens with moisture and humid conditions. Salvation Army Pickup

You cannot tell if the sofas have been upholstered with tied springs and layers of padding, or just with cushions lying on plywood or chipboard base. You cannot even tell from a picture online if a table or cabinet is fabricated from stained plywood particleboard or if it is solid American hardwood!

Use a Furniture Showroom

There is no way whatsoever for you to assess the quality of furniture by looking at representations on a website. Yes, many furniture manufacturers and dealers have websites. However, the more responsible of these do not permit you to purchase online.

American furniture firms such as L & J.G. Stickley, Southwood Furniture, Simply Amish, The Custom Shoppe, Canal Dover and Sherrill Furniture do not enable you to buy online. They point you to their dealers. These dealers have offline stores known as furniture showrooms, where you can view your preferred choices before you buy them.

How to Buy Furniture

How to buy furniture the correct way is first to decide what type of furniture you need for your room. You should furnish one room at a time, even if you are furnishing your whole home. Tackle it one room at a time at least for the main pieces. Accent and occasional furniture can be purchased later.


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3 Techniques For Writing A Great Personal Statement For College!

Are you or your high school senior still stuck or struggling with his or her personal statement?

Many people, not just college applicants, have a hard time writing about themselves. Yet that’s exactly what you need to do when writing a personal statement. No matter how much you might not like it, your personal statement is about you. There’s really no way around it.

Here I provide some assistance and resources to help any college applicant to get those 500 words written.

1. Relax! Have fun!

“It’s all about loosening up,” says one California college professor in “Crafting an Application Essay That ‘Pops'”, a New York Times article which reported on the recommendations of 5,000 admissions officers and counselors who gathered at a NACAC conference. I couldn’t agree more.

To help students have fun with their personal statements, Stanford University has come up with an interesting twist: They ask applicants to write a letter to their future freshman roommates.

Here are some samples, quoted in the article, of how students approached the essay:

“If you want to borrow my music, just ask. If you want to borrow my underwear, just take them.”

“I eat ice cream with a fork, and I drink orange juice right after I brush my teeth just for the sour taste.”

“If you have anything other than a Dodgers poster on the wall, I will tear it down.”

Note that all these lines are written in the first person – unfortunately to some, a required element of writing about yourself. And note that all the lines are unique. It’s unlikely that two applicants would have written the same thing.

Here’s the key to writing a great essay: Write something no one else could have written.

If that sounds like a daunting task, loosen up! Take a cue from Stanford’s essay question, no matter what topic you choose to write about. All you have to do is tell stories about yourself.

2. How NOT to Start your College Application Essay

One common pitfall students fall into is trying to write an essay about their reasons for applying to school, instead of simply telling a story. One of my past clients started her essay to graduate school with, “I am applying to the XX school for several reasons.” I coached her to simply start telling her story. This approach made the project a lot easier, and made her essay a lot more interesting!

Here’s the start of an essay that meets this requirement:

“When I went to Fall Out Boy’s Chicago radio show, there was the comment from the drummer, ‘The girl from New York is here.’ When I fought my way to the front of the crowd in Florida, there was the bassist’s finger pointing at me as he mouthed one of my favorite lyrics: ‘I still hate you.'” pay for essay reddit 

This opening line works because it tells a story no one else could tell. It brings us into a world unique to the applicant. And it sets us up to think something interesting is going to happen in this essay. The reader is compelled to read the next line.

Contrast this to an alternate version of the essay that might have read, “Music is one of my passions, and because of that I attend a lot of rock concerts. My favorite band is Fall Out Boy.”

You might laugh, but version two is the way many college essays read. Or, to avoid boring the committee, applicants swing the other way: “Raindrops heated by the flashing lights above, falling abundantly and without end, singeing my hair, my skin, my eyes… ”

Here’s a tip: If you are not a brilliant creative writer, just stick to the facts. They will set you free.

3. Doing it in 500 Words

The Common Application suggests a 500-word limit for a college application essay. The more you stick to a story – a story that is directly linked to the point you want to make in your essay – the easier it will be to stay within that limit. Note that it’s okay to spill over by a couple of words – but think of how impressed an admissions committee will be if you can knock their socks off in 500 or under?


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Why is Essay Feedback So Invaluable to Students?

It’s funny how nothing really changes however far we get in life . . .

I am now very well into my late twenties looking to help students like you for the best part of the last seven years studying internationally in institutions around the world, but even after all this time I can still remember the first time I was properly asked to write an essay.

Now, of course, when you are in primary (or what many of you may call elementary) school you will have partaken in all manner of writing tasks but when I was a boy I cannot remember ever being told that any of these tasks were essays. As a result, the first time that I can specifically remember being asked to write an essay was the first year of high school in English at the age of about twelve. The teacher said to us that we were to have homework (this was also a relatively new thing as I was at primary school at a time when homework was a rare thing) and that were to have week to write an essay on four sides of A4 paper on what we had done during our summer holidays by hand (yes, we were not always able to use computers) and as to whether and why we enjoyed it.

Interestingly, however, we were also told to look to get ‘essay feedback’ from home.

The teacher said that we should write our work carefully and, if we did not feel confident about what we were saying first time around, to draft it first and/or write it in stages. Then, when we were satisfied we had finished, we were to seek out a parent, grandparent, older brother or sister, aunt, uncle or whomever else we had available at home to help us to read our work and then to make a comment with regards to what was good about AND how they though it could be improved and then write what they thought on the work and bring it in to class to be marked by the teacher.

Now you may be pondering as to the reason why I said at the start of this article that nothing changes, well the reason is this.

What my English teacher was seeking to do, as he explained sometime later after having marked the work, was to show us that we could get valuable essay feedback from all sorts of different sources as the comments that we got from home were largely similar to those made by our teacher. In effect, he was trying to show us that all opinions counted and that you did not have to be teacher by trade to be able to offer support and advice in practice on as to how to effectively tackle an issue in a piece of writing with good essay feedback. He said that if you can read and you are aware of events around you then you can offer an opinion on any subject put before you because your understanding of the written word and the way an should be structured has developed as a result so that anyone can provide useful essay feedback.

Therefore, even where you progress to the latter stages of high school and on to college and university, I would advise you to still look to your family and friends for views on your work because, regardless of the subject matter of your essay, they can still offer you views on the quality of the work that you produce and really useful essay feedback as a result.

Still not convinced?

If you want to make this a worthwhile exercise, and the person whose opinion you are seeking – aside from your teacher, of course, who will have their own criteria for assessing your work – is willing to do so, then you may ask them to look to check your work according to the following points for really useful essay feedback –

(a) First, ask them to consider whether your work’s spelling and grammar is appropriate (even after you have checked this on your computer there may still be mistakes that can be picked up so BE AWARE!!). reddit essay writing service

(b) Then ask them to consider whether your work answers the question (you should have checked this too but you may have what I call ‘essay eyes’ – you believe your work is so good that you cannot effectively distance yourself from it to critique it)

(c) At the same time you also want them to consider your structure – Are the ideas you have grouped together effectively in your essay? Are different ideas linked together? Is there an effective flow between paragraphs in your essay?

(d) Is there a clear introduction and a conclusion to your work?

These points that you are asking the person who is reading your work to consider may appear quite basic to you when they are taken at face value, but they can really help you to avoid some of the most basic errors of essay writing. In effect, by taking this approach you will then only be left with the subject related content to worry about and this is where, if you are lucky, you may be able to get really useful essay feedback from your teacher.

Now, of course, you cannot expect your teacher to give you detailed essay feedback where they are then going to mark your work later. However, there are an ever-increasing number of teachers who are now willing to look at your work before it is marked to provide you with essay feedback for you to act upon for the simple reason that it also effects as to how they will be ‘marked’ – your teacher will achieve more (very often higher pay!) if their classes do well as that is a mark of their ability. Therefore, I would advise you to be grateful for any assistance that your teacher is willing to give you by way of essay feedback – even if they will not read your essay, they may comment on a plan of your work or even just have a discussion with you about your ideas.


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Freelance Writing – How To Get Started In Freelance Writing

With the economy on a downturn, it is no wonder that many professionals that are fond of writing are looking for ways to boost their income by deciding to turn to freelance writing. With all the advertisements, offers and new publications being launched these days, it is hard to fight the attraction of freelance writing jobs, which seem to be everywhere!

From the Internet to local cable shows, newspapers and new media formats, like SMS and Podcast content, there is no dearth of freelance writing professionals – or so it appears. However, the job of a freelance writer is not for everyone, though people with a basic interest in researching, fact checking, compiling notes and those fond of reading are most likely candidates who can make a career out of freelance writing and thereby boost their income.

A drive to learn writing techniques and improve existing skills, acquire experience and additional knowledge about specific industries you want to write for, getting certified and learning to maintain a consistent quality and individual voice in the copy delivered are some of the main qualities of a good freelance writer. best essay writing service reddit 

The earning potential for a professional who is dedicated to combining the above qualities can range from $7000 to $24000 annually, depending on how aggressive and organized his or her marketing skills for the freelance writing services are and also how flexible the writer can be about offering various writing styles and subject area expertise.

Newbie freelance writers can start by moonlighting as journalists, stringers or online content writers and explore all kinds of freelance writing opportunities, like providing content for short text messages, writing greeting card content, penning humorous poetry or jokes that can be bought by mobile phone companies, e-card publishers, ezines, online radio channels for fiction or submit true account essays in a read-aloud format (example, BBC) to reputed media channels for earning their first break.

With some publishing credits, those new to freelance writing can build up industry contacts, and look to gain experience by requesting referrals after obtaining testimonials from the happy client to ensure a solid boost to their monthly income with regular writing gigs.

Asking for referrals, having ready testimonials from satisfied clients, ensuring a disciplined writing routine, investing in the basic office set up for a professional freelance writer, such as a personal computer or laptop, high speed Internet connection, pens, pads and Dictaphone etc. is the minimum requirement of this venture.


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